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Water Heaters

Hot Water Heater

Having a working water heater is essential to running a home. When your water heater isn’t functioning properly, it can throw a big wrench into your daily routine and schedule. Pinky’s professionals are available 24/7 to attend to your water heater needs and emergencies.

Signs of Water Heater Problems

  • Water is either too hot or not hot enough.
  • You don’t have enough hot water in your home.
  • You notice a leak at your water heater.
  • Your water heater is making strange sounds.
  • You smell an odd odor at your faucet or water heater.

Most water heater problems are easy to diagnose. There are many components to a gas or electric water heater that may require adjustment to restore hot water to your home.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

With rising energy costs and in accordance with the “green” movement, more and more people are switching to tankless water heaters which heat water on demand in lieu of having a traditional water heating tank. When it comes to tankless water heaters we can help you select the size and model that it right for your home. Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater is often configured with a conventional water heater to ensure hot water during winter months. Like a traditional water heater, a storage tank is used to provide a reliable source of hot water.

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