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Privacy Policy

Thank you for stopping by our web site! We want you to get the most out of our website by offering value, special deals, promotions, and listing all of our plumbing services. We appreciate that you took time out of your day to find out more about our services and our company. That’s why we make every effort to ensure your privacy is protected.

When you visit our site, you can rest assured that we do not collect any information about you or your location, without your consent. All information your provide to us is voluntarily and will only be used to contact you and follow up with you after you inquire about a service, repair or installation.

How we use the information you provide

We may collect certain information in reference to how you use our site, to help us provide you with better service. Some of the information we may collect to help us with our market research and serve you better may include but is not limited to:

The pages you visit on or websiteThe type of internet browser you are using (Safari, Internet explorer, Google chrome, etc.)The internet domain you used to find land on our websiteThe links from other sites where you clicked on one of our pagesThe dates and times that you access our website
Please be advised that the information we collect for our market research, does not identify your name, your address, and phone number or any other personal information. This information is solely used to get a deeper understanding of the technology our visitors use, as well as to discover which plumbing services a wide majority of our website visitors are interested in.

At Pinky’s, we respect your privacy, and hope you do the same!

At Pinky’s, we respect your privacy, and would like for you to the same. As a potential client, we know that you have integrity. However, there are some individuals that may try to access information hosted on this server for their own purposes. If you or someone you know are attempting to upload or change information on this site or server without the consent of Pinky’s Plumbing or any of our associates that can lead to criminal punishment. We are protected by the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse of Act of 1986. So, we highly advise that you do not make any changes or try to corrupt this website in any way.

Information that you provide: At Pinky’s, we don’t believe in spam. We will never send you an unsolicited email unless you voluntarily provide your information to us. When you choose to provide your name, number, email and other contact information by filling out a form on or website, or delivering your information some other way, you can rest assured that we will only use your information to respond to your inquiry , and inform you about products and services that you personally requested information for. When you click the “submit” button on our contact form, you are agreeing that you are willingly providing us with your information.

When you provide us with your information, you don’t have to worry about thousands of unwanted messages, people showing up at your door, or being bombarded with promotional messages. We only use the information you provide to fill orders, respond to request, and register you for special events and conferences.


At Pinky’s, we want to make sure all people from all different backgrounds and walks of life are able to access our website. That’s why we made every effort to ensure our website abides by and is in compliance with (sec) 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI).