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What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

Do you need a new storage tank water heater? You may be wondering what size heater to buy.

Good Question… A tank that’s too large will increase your energy bill unnecessarily. One that’s too small will leave you frustrated in a cold shower.

So, you need to get the size that’s just right for your family’s individual needs.

To do that…

  1. Find your family’s highest demand of hot water during the day
  2. Find a water heater size that matches that demand of hot water

Step 1: Measure your peak hour demand

First, think about the time of day you’re using the most hot water in 1 hour.

This is your “Peak Hour Demand”.

Next, estimate how much water you use in that 1-hour period. To help with this the U.S. Department of Energy offers these numbers…

Shower-               10  gallons

Dishwasher-         6    gallons

Clothes washer-   7    gallons

Step 2: Find the first hour rating that matches your peak hour demand

First hour rating (FHR) measures how much hot water a water heater supplies in 1 hour assuming that the entire tank is full of hot water.

This info. is on the top left corner of the water heater’s yellow Energyguide label. The perfect fit would be a water heater that has a FHR that meets the peak hour demand that you calculated or is just a little higher.

 Still need help finding the right water heater?

 Let us help. Contact Pinky’s Plumbing on the size or type of water heater that fits your family’s needs.