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How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

The most common cause of slow bathtub drainage is hair. Over time hair slipping through the drain builds up, catching other particles in its mass. Before you know it your tub drain is clogged. It’s always best to call in a plumber to take care of this kind of a problem. They are fast and efficient, having experience with this kind of problem… but if you are the DIY kind of person…here are some methods to try to clean out the clog yourself. Before we go any further, you have to know that this (like many plumbing jobs) can be messy and not for the squeamish.

  1. Remove the drain cover
  2. Straighten a wire hanger, then make a hook in the end. Use it to pull any hair and other gunk out of your drain…being careful to not push it in. This is the messy part I was talking about. Remember to wear plastic gloves.
  3. If you still feel that the drain is slow you can try combining baking soda with vinegar in a large pitcher at a ratio of 1:1. Quickly pour the entire contents of the container down the drain. The faster you can do this, the better, because the fizzing action will gradually die out. Pour hot water down the drain.
  4. Using a toilet plunger is another method.

Remember, if you can’t clear a clog after a few attempts, turn the job over to Pinky’s Plumbing…Drain-Cleaning Professionals. Exerting too much force can permanently damage a pipe or fixture.