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Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs… Follow These Tips

  • Fix Minor Cracks with Epoxsy
  • Monitor Drainage – Gutters and downspouts are a critical factor in maintaining a solid foundation. Properly size and install gutters and downspouts. Direct water away from your home.
  • Ensure Proper Grading – The ground level should be sloping away from your foundation.
  • Watch for Puddling Water near your Foundation – After a rainstorm look for water puddling near your foundation. If there are puddles you need to find a way to direct the water away from the house. Solutions vary. You may need to install a french drain, or improve the grade around your foundation.

Seattle has had a very wet spring. Make sure all that water isn’t settling too close to your home’s foundation. If you have any questions, contact a plumbing professional at Pinky’s Plumbing to help you with the best solution.