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The Five Most Common Furnace and Heating Problems…

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Furnace or heating system pilot or ignition control problems, resulting in intermittent or no heat
  3. Dirty or clogged filters resulting in air flow and comfort problems
  4. Air flow problems from fan motors, belts and bearings, causing furnace overheating or poor heating control
  5. Thermostat malfunctions causing no heat, fan, or comfort problems   

Don’t wait for these problems to creep up and ruin your day. A professional, qualified technician from Pinky’s Plumbing can help you avoid these frustrations by doing regular furnace maintenance. Regular maintenance can prevent nearly all heating problems that result in no hear or low comfort levels. During a tune-up, all the components are checked and serviced so they operate correctly and at peak efficiency during the heating season.