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Sump Pumps

A good sump pump system is a homeowner’s first line of defense against basement flooding. Below are the most common types of sump pump failures to watch for…

1 Overwhelmed Sump Pump / or Power Failure

Sometimes a single sump pump just isn’t enough to handle the job. Upgrading your sump pump and adding a battery backup sump pump  to the system usually solves this problem.

2 Pump Works, but There Isn’t Any Water Coming Into the Sump Pit

This is a classic sign of an improperly installed sump pump. Many contractors install a sump pump in the basement but do not link it to a drainage system.

3 Clogged Sump Pump and Switches

Sump pits that do not have a lid can easily fill with dirt and debris which can cause a sump pump to clog.

4. Sump Pump Running Non-Stop

May be a sign of different problems, all of which need to be addressed before the pump burns out.Some of the causes could be:

  • Stuck sump pump switches
  • The Sump Pump Liner is too small or too big
  • The check valve is missing or broke
  • Continually flooding sump pit     

Keeping your basement dry is a real concern in Western Washington this time of year. If you are having problems with your sump pump, call the plumping experts at Pinky’s Plumbing. They will diagnose your sump pump issue and quickly resolve the problem.  Our professional technicians are clean, neat and efficient.