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Cold weather home maintenance checklist

Even in our mild weathered city of Seattle we had freezing temperatures before the end of December. We all know as homeowners our most important job for the next couple months is to prevent freezing pipes and water damage in our home. 

Here are a few more winter tasks to keep your home protected:

  1. Check the labels on the switches in your electrical circuit-breaker panel and make new labels if necessary.
  2. Check your furnace filter monthly in the winter to see if it needs replacing.
  3. Use a vacuum-cleaner tool or a long-handled brush to clean under and behind the refrigerator.
  4. Clean lint from under laundry appliances, especially the dryer.
  5. Gather product documents and warranties into a folder. Go through the contents and discard outdated materials.
  6. Walk around inside the house with a screwdriver, pencil and paper. Tighten any loose knobs and attachments and list repairs to tackle later.