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Sewer Repair & Install Seattle

Pinky’s Plumbing is your expert in sewer line cleaning. Sewer line cleaning can resolve numerous problems. Sewer lines can be blocked and damaged by a variety of circumstances.

It is common for roots of trees and large plants to cause damage to your sewer line. Small roots can make their way inside the pipe and as the tree or shrubs grow larger the roots expand they can eventually cause the pipe to clog.

Proper flow can also be restricted due to the build-up of paper, grease and other waste.

Other pipes can collapse due to shifting soil after heavy rain. In time, pipes can simply corrode and leakage can develop in the seals.

You can trust Pinky’s Plumbing and our experience in sewer line cleaning, repair and replacement. Our techs are fully trained to provide you with knowledge and dependable service.

Call Pinky’s for plumbing service today.

Seattle Sewer Repair & Cleaning Service

We take the time to talk with you to determine what would be the best option based on your needs and your budget. Most importantly, we understand that customers need options.

Whether the job is a huge ordeal or a simple procedure, Pinky’s is available 24/7 to make sure your life is back to normal with as little hassle as possible.

  • We offer:
    • Traditional Service
    • Trenchless Repair
    • Sewer Pumps
    • Sewer Main Repair
    • Sewer Cleaning
    • Sewer Line Locating
    • Septic Tanks
    • Hydro-jetting

If you are in the market for a sewer line cleaning or repair that will exceed all of your expectations, give us a call.

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