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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Seattle

Imagine coming home on a Friday night to wash dishes, and clean the house before your weekend company arrives. As you prepare for your company, and start washing dishes, you notice you have a clogged drain! Having a clogged drain is frustrating and annoying; it limits your ability to do the following:

  • To wash dishes
  • To take showers
  • To wash clothes
  • To perform household chores
  • Discover the common causes for why many residents need Sewer and drain cleaning

    While clogged drains are often preventable, they do occur. Most drain issues are easily fixable, but some often require the assistance of a skilled plumber. Seattle residents are unaware that simple things add up to having a clogged and stubborn drain. Some of the reasons for clogging include, but are not limited to:

  • Pouring grease, oils, and fats down the drain
  • Clogged garbage disposal
  • Thick heavy liquids
  • Sediment build up
  • Hair down the drain
  • Chemical Solutions can do more harm than good to your drain

    That's why you need an experienced plumber to perform sewer and drain cleaning services for you!

    While most clogging issues can be resolved with chemical solutions like Drano or Drain Away, other clogged drain issues may be a result of a serious underlying issue such as:

  • Septic system back-up
  • Old drains
  • Damaged drains

  • Discover the difference between a plumber and a chemical solution

    The difference between our plumbers and a quick fix chemical solution is that our plumbing technicians are well-trained to:

  • Loosen clogged plumbing issues
  • Provide long lasting results
  • Protects your drain from further damage
  • Save you money
  • We can see what's in your pipes

    At Pinky's Plumbing, we handle all types of drain matters for our Seattle clients; this includes these types of drains:

  • Slow kitchen and sink
  • Main drains
  • Clogged shower
  • Floor & tub
  • Plugged toilets

  • Schedule a stress-free sewer and drain cleaning services Seattle estimate today!

    Worrying about clogged sinks, tubs, and toilets should be the least of your problems. At Pinky's Plumbing, we are here to ease your anxiety about clogging and other plumbing issues. When you choose us as your plumbers, you can rest assured that we will:

  • Provide you with a stress free estimate
  • Provide you with professional courteous service
  • Provide you with honest answers about your plumbing issues

  • Depending on what type of clogs you have, there's a solution for all types of sewer and drain plumbing issues. Let Pinky's Plumbing take care of all your plumbing needs. Call us now at 206-707-1497 to ask one of our skilled technicians about our plumbing services and request a stress-free estimate today!

    In addition to unclogging drains, we also provide the following services:

  • Water heaters
  • Faucet fixtures
  • Toilet repair
  • Sewer service
  • Gas line installation and repair

  • Call us at 206-707-1497 and ask about our plumbing services today!

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